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Analytical web design and development

Nytera is a web design firm that uses data and analytics to plan and build high-performing websites.


Reach customers. Increase sales. Build your brand. Harness data to eliminate the guesswork and build the ideal website the first time. Take 5 minutes to learn how our 4-step methodology delivers better results from the start.

Step #1 - Discovery Analytics

This proactive approach creates a clear blueprint detailing the best way to accomplish your company's digital goals. We comprehensively examine data from 3 primary sources to determine the right digital strategy and uncover hidden opportunities to grow your business:

Embedded Knowledge

We collect and analyze your business' hidden data to understand what your customers truly value.

Customer Behavior

We perform search engine, web news, and social media analysis to understand industry trends.

Competitive Research

We evaluate local and/or national competitors to uncover opportunities to out-compete them.

STEP #1 RESULTS: Discovery analytics or as we call it, "measuring-twice", sets a well-defined course on how to build an effective website that targets the right audiences, engages your customers and reaches new prospects. Comprehensive data analysis charts the correct path to build a website that meets you needs from the start.

Step #2 - Customer-centric Design

We strongly believe in the phrase: "Keep it simple."
Simplicity in web design attracts and retains customers.

Customer-centric web design begins by focusing exclusively on what matters most in attracting and keeping customers. We leverage the discovery analytics in the previous step to develop a laser focus on the value your customers want. This empowers Nytera to create a straightforward, easy-to-use, uncluttered websites that create lasting impressions to bring customers back again and again.

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STEP #2 RESULTS: These efforts create a website designed with your customer as the primary focus. The site is simple and easy-to-use, reflects your brand in a memorable way and conveys your company's core strengths and value, clearly and recognizably.

Step #3 - 360° Engagement

Right now your customers are searching, chatting on social media, reading email, watching videos, listening to podcasts, downloading apps and more.

Your company must have a digital presence everywhere your customers are. Nytera will strategically optimize your digital footprint to make sure your brand is always in front of your customers, wherever they are, by focusing on three key areas:


We leverage SEO "best-practices" to make sure your site is found in web searches.


We build web content customized to what your customers want to read, hear and see from your business.


We develop social media plans to get your customers talking about and sharing your brand.

STEP #3 RESULTS: By developing an engagement strategy across search, content and social alongside your website's implementation, Nytera transforms your web presence into a unified digital system that works in concert to drive customers to your website.

Step #4 - Continuous Refinement

Your customers' needs and preferences change over time. So should your website.

Because your website is the 24x7 face of your business, it should always reflect the best your company has to offer. Customers and prospects expect your website, and business, to meet the needs they have today and tomorrow. To do this, we continuously “measure twice” and monitor the latest data to make sure your website, stays up-to-date and matched to your customers' changing preferences:

Metrics and KPI's

We define critical metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) around the most important customer interactions.

Performance Monitoring

Website performance is continuously monitored in real-time to quickly identify new trends in customer preferences.

Analysis and Optimization

We analyze monitored data and KPI's to refine and optimize your site for increased performance and customer satisfaction.

STEP #4 RESULTS: By leveraging continuous feedback, Nytera ensures your website stays optimized for customer-engagement, performance and return-on-investment.

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